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Triad Web Design Reviews – 123triad customers

Triad Web Design ReviewsI am not fluent in the computer realm , but was very satisfied with the help I did receive from 123Triad .I was very pleased to see results from working long distance and not in person throughout this whole process. I commend the team I had in diving in and coming out on top… I am very pleased to have chosen this company. Thanks

Deborah Walls
Heart And Soy Candles
Jamie -my project manager- provided me with prompt service from start to finish of my new site. Excellent service from 123triad and a site that represents my e-commerce business with the look I was seeking. -
Greg V Dowless
123 Triad Web Design ReviewsOur organization (CBM National) contacted 123Triad to create and launch a site within three business days with very little notice. The sales agent (Melanie) went above and beyond duty to initiate and expedite services. The Program Manager (Rodney Simmons) did an “excellent” job in creating a quality site as per our specifications. He was engaging, offered suggestions and was able to complete the site in record time without compromising the look, functionality and presentation of the website. I highly recommend Triad Web Design Webdesigns and plan to refer 123Triad to our chapters and partner organizations around the country. Great work!

Leroy Hughes
123 Triad ComplaintsI worked with kentreal for my first site, michelegreene.com and had a great experience. I had some delays and miscommunication with Brian Carter which was frustrating but when I called and spoke to Jackie, she took over the new site, martikagalvezmysteries.com and she was amazing! She did a beautiful job, was extremely professional and responsible, she was excellent. The best experience I have ever had working with a web designer. I would absolutely come back for future sites and have recommended two friends to 123Triad and to her. She is a real find and I hope she is appreciated over there because she rocks! Working with Triad Web Design was the best web design experience I have had in a decade. They are excellent!

Michele Greene
project manager’s overall knowledge in helping you design and implement your website was Excellent , I just wished the project was a bit faster Thanks 123Triad
Rosemary H. Ward
123Triad ComplaintsThe website is beautiful! We are very pleased with the way the site and the custom blog turned out. The only thing we would have changed: at the beginning of the experience, we did not have good communication on what we wanted versus what we paid for. As this was our first custom website, we did not know what to ask and what to order. As we showed examples of the kind of site we were looking for, the guys working on our site kept trying to work within the parameters of the package we bought for an HTML site, rather than telling us that we needed to purchase another package for a flash site. We could have saved several weeks on the whole process had they told us that at the beginning. All of the examples out of the portfolio that we were pointing to as sites we liked were flash sites. So be sure to take adavantage of a consultation at the beginning to understand what kind of site you are looking for and it will save you a lot of time and frustration. Once we got that solved, everything else ran smoothly. Be sure to plan plenty of time to get the whole thing done. Good communication will help and organized thoughts on your design is needed. We will purchase more sites from Triad as needed, and we will refer our clients here. 123Triad has great pricing! Five Stars!!

Dana Wheeler
Reviews of 123TriadI’m very happy with the site I received from 123triad and with the performance of my project manager, Jill. My only dissatisfaction throughout the process was that the extent of what was covered in the originial package was not clarified and I felt the add-on costs were excessive.

Ryan Davis
Thanks 123Triad. I am proud of the entire process. It was smooth, and it went very quickly and efficent. -
Randy D. Miller
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