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Triad Web Design Complaint

123TriadI found 123Triad to be very fast and professional. My account manager, Thomas Weber, was the best! He kept me constantly in the loop and performed site changes/updates within 24 hours. Overall, my experience was great!

Lisa Saxton

123 TriadEverything went rather smoothly. I loved the design 123Triad came up with and I loved working with Jill. She was very helpful, and did a great job at conveying what we wanted to the actual designers. There were only a few minor changes that needed to be made during each revision, that says a lot about your capability to hear our ideas and make them come to life on the first try. My suggestion would be to improve the efficiency so that it takes less time to get the final invoice ready once the actual design is finished. I think that took about a week. Other than that, I thoroughly enjoyed the process and am excited to get our sleek new website up and running.

Brett Allen
123Triad Web Design ReviewsHad bad experience with first project manager at 123Triad. She didn’t understand what I was asking, didn’t pay attention to details and was even rude in her responses. Very good experience with project manager assigned after I complained. He was efficient and nice to work with. However, there were a couple of times that the revisions I asked for were not done. He should have checked that all revisions were made before sending me the link.

Adrian Franco
123Triad Web Design will make your website great. –                                                       Charles Moran
Triad Web Design Reviews123Triad is great ! Tiffany was very friendly. Christy is definitely god sent , I am not excellent with computer but Christy was very patient giving me step by step instructions never once making me feel uncomfortable.She was very attentive to my needs and concerns and wasted no time in making sure every was taken care of. My experience with Triad was a wonderful one and I will definitely recommend you guys to my friends.

Zoe Blair
123 Triad Web Design ReviewsOver all it was a good experience. Jackie was very responsive to my questions. It took longer than I had expected to finish but that was my fault. As soon as I got the documents to Jackie they were posted the next day, I was impressed. I have had some bad experiances working with Web developers. This time it was a pleasure and I would highly recommend Triad to anyone I could. Happy to give 123Triad Reviews

Keith Bruneau
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    I just wanted to drop you a line to say thank you for your amazing service and a great website. I am very impressed with how quickly and smoothly the website was completed. Even with my low budget you guys did an excellent job, my website looks fantastic. Overall I would recommend 123Triad without hesitation. Great work!! :)”

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