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123 Triad Reviews & Complaints

123Triad ReviewsChristy at 123triad came in during an internal personnel shift and jumped right in. She worked overtime to re-establish effective communicatiion and Client trust and then sheparded the project thriough to completion. We are looking forward to intiating Project #2.The most tech savvy member of our team researched web designers and recommended 123Triad Web Design. Our original project manager left in the middle of the process which caused great concern. Christy Rae Thom was assigned. We shared our concerns and frustrations. Within 48 hours, she turned the project around; and we finished on time and on budget with a better work product than originally conceived. We look forward to starting Project #2 with 123Triad Web Design next week.

Sean O’Shea
123 Triad ReviewsWorking with 123Triad Web Design was great experience. I absolutley adore my project manager, Jill Johns, she was very helpful and with her suggestions and forsight the web site turned out amazing! My clients and collegues think our new web site is so cool they have asked who to call. I’ve already reffered 3 companies, more are coming. Sincerely, Dixie Divine CEO/ Broker Prime Commercial, Inc www.primecommercialinc.com

Dixie Divine
123Triad123Triad‘s project manager’s overall knowledge in helping you design and implement your website was Excellent , I just wished the project was a bit faster.

Rosemary H. Ward
I think 123Triad did a great job. The limiting factor was me. This was my first time to build a website and knowing what you want is tough.
- Michael Abraham
123 TriadDerek proved to be excellent out of the gate and understanding my needs. After an initial slow start mostly due to logistics on my end gathering information from my professional governing body as to what specifics I need to include in my advertising and promotion via the web site, I then spearheaded the project and at that point Mike’s attention was in adequate and poor in response. Richard took over and overall the final few weeks of completing the project under his direction was great and he has done a nice job. This is my first web site I have been involved with and I confess to being naive to much of the process – and at times probably wanted to understand more than was necessary. 123Triad : Creative, individualized professional web sites at a cost usually paid for a cookie cutter template – Supportive staff in wanting to understand one’s needs and goals.

Karl Kolbeck

123Triad Web Design ReviewsI asked Thomas Weber for his supervisor’s e-mail because I wanted to let someone at your company know what outstanding service I am receiving. I am in the process of putting together my website and, (I hate to admit this), have been one of those annoying customers who has requested countless revisions. Thomas has addressed all of my requests promptly and has done so with a pleasant attitude. He has suggested resources for me to consult, has made suggestions and always has a prompt turn around time. Due to his service I have already recommended them and happy to give  123Triad Reviews and recommendations to two friends. Just thought that you would appreciate knowing.

Laura Cohen

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