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123Triad ReviewsChristy at 123triad came in during an internal personnel shift and jumped right in. She worked overtime to re-establish effective communicatiion and Client trust and then sheparded the project thriough to completion. We are looking forward to intiating Project #2.The most tech savvy member of our team researched web designers and recommended 123Triad Web Design. Our original project manager left in the middle of the process which caused great concern. Christy Rae Thom was assigned. We shared our concerns and frustrations. Within 48 hours, she turned the project around; and we finished on time and on budget with a better work product than originally conceived. We look forward to starting Project #2 with 123Triad Web Design next week.

Sean O’Shea
123 Triad ReviewsWorking with 123Triad Web Design was great experience. I absolutley adore my project manager, Jill Johns, she was very helpful and with her suggestions and forsight the web site turned out amazing! My clients and collegues think our new web site is so cool they have asked who to call. I’ve already reffered 3 companies, more are coming. Sincerely, Dixie Divine CEO/ Broker Prime Commercial, Inc www.primecommercialinc.com

Dixie Divine
123Triad123Triad‘s project manager’s overall knowledge in helping you design and implement your website was Excellent , I just wished the project was a bit faster.

Rosemary H. Ward
I think 123Triad did a great job. The limiting factor was me. This was my first time to build a website and knowing what you want is tough.
- Michael Abraham
123 TriadDerek proved to be excellent out of the gate and understanding my needs. After an initial slow start mostly due to logistics on my end gathering information from my professional governing body as to what specifics I need to include in my advertising and promotion via the web site, I then spearheaded the project and at that point Mike’s attention was in adequate and poor in response. Richard took over and overall the final few weeks of completing the project under his direction was great and he has done a nice job. This is my first web site I have been involved with and I confess to being naive to much of the process – and at times probably wanted to understand more than was necessary. 123Triad : Creative, individualized professional web sites at a cost usually paid for a cookie cutter template – Supportive staff in wanting to understand one’s needs and goals.

Karl Kolbeck

123Triad Web Design ReviewsI asked Thomas Weber for his supervisor’s e-mail because I wanted to let someone at your company know what outstanding service I am receiving. I am in the process of putting together my website and, (I hate to admit this), have been one of those annoying customers who has requested countless revisions. Thomas has addressed all of my requests promptly and has done so with a pleasant attitude. He has suggested resources for me to consult, has made suggestions and always has a prompt turn around time. Due to his service I have already recommended them and happy to give  123Triad Reviews and recommendations to two friends. Just thought that you would appreciate knowing.

Laura Cohen

Triad Web Design Reviews – 123triad customers

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Triad Web Design ReviewsI am not fluent in the computer realm , but was very satisfied with the help I did receive from 123Triad .I was very pleased to see results from working long distance and not in person throughout this whole process. I commend the team I had in diving in and coming out on top… I am very pleased to have chosen this company. Thanks

Deborah Walls
Heart And Soy Candles
Jamie -my project manager- provided me with prompt service from start to finish of my new site. Excellent service from 123triad and a site that represents my e-commerce business with the look I was seeking. -
Greg V Dowless
123 Triad Web Design ReviewsOur organization (CBM National) contacted 123Triad to create and launch a site within three business days with very little notice. The sales agent (Melanie) went above and beyond duty to initiate and expedite services. The Program Manager (Rodney Simmons) did an “excellent” job in creating a quality site as per our specifications. He was engaging, offered suggestions and was able to complete the site in record time without compromising the look, functionality and presentation of the website. I highly recommend Triad Web Design Webdesigns and plan to refer 123Triad to our chapters and partner organizations around the country. Great work!

Leroy Hughes
123 Triad ComplaintsI worked with kentreal for my first site, michelegreene.com and had a great experience. I had some delays and miscommunication with Brian Carter which was frustrating but when I called and spoke to Jackie, she took over the new site, martikagalvezmysteries.com and she was amazing! She did a beautiful job, was extremely professional and responsible, she was excellent. The best experience I have ever had working with a web designer. I would absolutely come back for future sites and have recommended two friends to 123Triad and to her. She is a real find and I hope she is appreciated over there because she rocks! Working with Triad Web Design was the best web design experience I have had in a decade. They are excellent!

Michele Greene
project manager’s overall knowledge in helping you design and implement your website was Excellent , I just wished the project was a bit faster Thanks 123Triad
Rosemary H. Ward
123Triad ComplaintsThe website is beautiful! We are very pleased with the way the site and the custom blog turned out. The only thing we would have changed: at the beginning of the experience, we did not have good communication on what we wanted versus what we paid for. As this was our first custom website, we did not know what to ask and what to order. As we showed examples of the kind of site we were looking for, the guys working on our site kept trying to work within the parameters of the package we bought for an HTML site, rather than telling us that we needed to purchase another package for a flash site. We could have saved several weeks on the whole process had they told us that at the beginning. All of the examples out of the portfolio that we were pointing to as sites we liked were flash sites. So be sure to take adavantage of a consultation at the beginning to understand what kind of site you are looking for and it will save you a lot of time and frustration. Once we got that solved, everything else ran smoothly. Be sure to plan plenty of time to get the whole thing done. Good communication will help and organized thoughts on your design is needed. We will purchase more sites from Triad as needed, and we will refer our clients here. 123Triad has great pricing! Five Stars!!

Dana Wheeler
Reviews of 123TriadI’m very happy with the site I received from 123triad and with the performance of my project manager, Jill. My only dissatisfaction throughout the process was that the extent of what was covered in the originial package was not clarified and I felt the add-on costs were excessive.

Ryan Davis
Thanks 123Triad. I am proud of the entire process. It was smooth, and it went very quickly and efficent. -
Randy D. Miller

Triad Web Design Complaint

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123TriadI found 123Triad to be very fast and professional. My account manager, Thomas Weber, was the best! He kept me constantly in the loop and performed site changes/updates within 24 hours. Overall, my experience was great!

Lisa Saxton

123 TriadEverything went rather smoothly. I loved the design 123Triad came up with and I loved working with Jill. She was very helpful, and did a great job at conveying what we wanted to the actual designers. There were only a few minor changes that needed to be made during each revision, that says a lot about your capability to hear our ideas and make them come to life on the first try. My suggestion would be to improve the efficiency so that it takes less time to get the final invoice ready once the actual design is finished. I think that took about a week. Other than that, I thoroughly enjoyed the process and am excited to get our sleek new website up and running.

Brett Allen
123Triad Web Design ReviewsHad bad experience with first project manager at 123Triad. She didn’t understand what I was asking, didn’t pay attention to details and was even rude in her responses. Very good experience with project manager assigned after I complained. He was efficient and nice to work with. However, there were a couple of times that the revisions I asked for were not done. He should have checked that all revisions were made before sending me the link.

Adrian Franco
123Triad Web Design will make your website great. –                                                       Charles Moran
Triad Web Design Reviews123Triad is great ! Tiffany was very friendly. Christy is definitely god sent , I am not excellent with computer but Christy was very patient giving me step by step instructions never once making me feel uncomfortable.She was very attentive to my needs and concerns and wasted no time in making sure every was taken care of. My experience with Triad was a wonderful one and I will definitely recommend you guys to my friends.

Zoe Blair
123 Triad Web Design ReviewsOver all it was a good experience. Jackie was very responsive to my questions. It took longer than I had expected to finish but that was my fault. As soon as I got the documents to Jackie they were posted the next day, I was impressed. I have had some bad experiances working with Web developers. This time it was a pleasure and I would highly recommend Triad to anyone I could. Happy to give 123Triad Reviews

Keith Bruneau

123Triad – Your project management team was great to work with



123 Triad Complaints“I would like to take a moment to document my appreciation of 123Triad for your excellent work on our new website. Your project management team was great to work with and very helpful. It was so nice to have a patient and professional team working beside us during all the revisions and changes. I value your hard work as well as commitment to providing consistent quality work on our project. In a time where projects become increasingly more crucial on time constraints and financial restrictions having 123Triad working with us on the development of our website has proved to be invaluable. Thanks for your help!”

Kirk Smith
123Triad Complaints“I was introduced to 123Triad by a friend, I now can see why. The 123Triad team was very knowledgeable. In addition they made changes when and how I explained and they delivered in a timely fashion. Triad has great prices and great employees and I WILL use Triad for my upcoming projects. To the 123Triad Team: thank you for your focus on providing quality work and great customer service.”

Anthony Rivera
Everything and Everyone was WONDERFUL! I love everyone at Triad Web Design everyone treated me like royalty. –                                                                                                    Marvala Angel Sanders
Reviews of 123Triad“I was sold on 123 Triad after looking at their portfolio and comparing their prices. Their design exceeded my expectations, and their experienced staff made suggestions that saved us money. Our website vision evolved a bit during the process, but the staff was patient, allowing us to make decisions at our own pace. A great website enhances the image of your business– Triad helped us define who we are and who we serve. We couldn’t be more pleased!”

Leigh Anne Schwietz
Allergy And Asthma Center Of NC
Reviews of 123 Triad“I have been to a considerable amount of different website firms over the years. It was by far the most comprehensive process that I have ever been involved. I would recommend this service and 123Triad to anyone looking for a firm that truly knows what they are doing. I was able to call throughout the process and talk to someone that was professional and knew the answers to my questions. There is not a thing I would recommend to anyone at this organization to change. If things are perfect don’t make adjustments. Thanks 123Triad ”

Brian Royal
Royal Wealth Management



123 Triad Web Design Complaints123Triad built me a truly one of a kind custom website that far surpassed my expectations. Even though I am quite versed with computers, this was my first web and I had a good idea as to what I wanted, but building it was a learning experience. I changed it from my original vision as I went along as a result of seeing and learning as I was completing the various pages and seeing how they all integrated with each other. I must tell you that Terry was very patient with me and the resulting website we built is awesome, much better than I had ever envisioned when I started the project. Building my website was a lot of work but now that it is completed I believe 123Triad Web Design built a website that is unique, will be invaluable to my business and a very good value. Thank you all! This is my first website and it was all made possible because of a great team at 123Triad. Thank you all! Great team effort and I love my website!. Happy to give 123Triad Reviews ”

Clave C. Lilien
Tucson Home View
Reviews of Triad Web Design“Since the very beginning, I was oriented to the right direction in designing my website. After that, the good communication with the project manager at 123Triad made everything very smoothly. I strongly recommend hiring 123Triad Web Design for your next web designing project. They are courteous, respectful and do their job professionally.”

Oscar Linares
Reviews of 123 Triad“My experience with 123Triad service on getting my business web-site established has been very satisfying. The communication regarding questions and answers was one that was professional and direct. I would highly recommend 123 triad service to fellow associates. Thank you for assisting me in launching my business web-site to a higher state, which will allow my company to prosper.”

Bob Baxter
123Triad Reviews“My experience with 123Triad web design and my project manager Josiah Perez were great! I love my new web site, he was very professional, and the price was excellent. I have recommended 123Triad to everybody.”

Edward Vanderweert
123 Triad Reviews“One e-mail to 123Triad was all I had to send to get a phone call from Chris. Chris contacted me quickly and asked a few questions in order to assess what I was looking for in a website. We talked about easy to understand website packages offered at a competitive price. There were no surprises and the proposal was sent in a timely manner. I felt Chris was knowledgeable as I asked a question about “changing the text myself” at some point down the road, and he quoted me a price at that very moment. My project manager, Todd Manus, e-mailed me instructions in order that our goal of a website could be obtained in a proficient manner. I tried to be successful and orderly but he kept me on track in the most professional manner. Todd was patient as this was new territory for me. The end result of his project is a happy customer and a great website! thanks 123triad ”

Gayla Brown